Define SAP Architect Job Description with Resume Duties

SAP Architect Resume

The term SAP refers to the systems, applications and products, which in simple words means; understanding the needs and requirements of a company and developing a software program for the organization. SAP architects are hired by architectural companies, organizations and they also work freelance as well. Usually, when a company hires an SAP architect, he has the key responsibility of observing the operations and functions of a company, getting information from the company owners and employees about their needs for a new or advanced software program and developing that application that is also referred to as the final product.

Job Responsibilities of a SAP Architect:

  • Observing the functions and operations of a business
  • Meeting with the employer or management of the organization and understanding the needs and requirements for a computer system or software program
  • Searching and conducting programs to evaluate the key features and characteristics of the software program
  • Analyzing if it’s possible to create the software application with existing methods and trends or it is required to come up with a new idea with advanced features
  • Completing the paper work for the creation of the software program
  • Assigning different tasks to the team members and supervising their work activities
  • Finalizing the product and handing it over to the client
  • Implementing the new system or application in the organization

Salary of an SAP Architect:

SAP architect is a professional that makes the working and operations of an organization easy with the computer system and advanced software technology. This means that an entire organization actually depends on the experience and skills of the architect. This is the key reason that these architects are paid very good salary packages. Usually, it depends on the type of application and size of the software but an SAP architect can earn from $150,000 to $200,000 per year.

Useful Tips for Creating SAP Architect Resume:

  • Employers start reading the resume from top to bottom and most of the time; they don’t consider the headings or titles in the sections so you need to prioritize the stuff on your resume. Put the more important stuff in the beginning i.e. your employment history and leave the less important stuff for bottom.
  • Make sure to add a new and unique objective on the top of the resume as this is the first thing that will come across the eyes of the employer and your objective will decide if the employer is interested in your resume or not.
  • If you are thinking of creating a portfolio, keep in mind that it’s not implacable for the jobs other than modeling, acting or auditioning. Data entry is a computer based desk job and it is required that you send a resume not a portfolio.
  • If you want the employer to really concentrate on your resume, you need to use the good quality paper and printing ink for the resume. It won’t look good if the content in the resume is excellent but the paper is cheap and the printing isn’t that good either.