Define Trade In Business {Types & Examples}

Trade & Its Definition

What is trade

Trade simply means buying and selling of goods, it basically involves the exchange of service. And this exchange can be in the form of money or commodities as well. It generally takes place between two parties’ i-e producers and consumers. it is essential to satisfy the growing needs and requirements of people. This can be done at the local level within the local market, national-level i-e between different countries and global level i-e in the international market. Another factor involved in the trade is that it may be done on a wholesale or retail basis.

Define Trade

Definition of Define

 By the word define, it simply means to clarify the distinction of that word. It refers to explaining the meaning of the given term in a more distinct form. While defining any term, the essential qualities of the term can also be explained to give better meaning to the user.

We can define things in different contexts such as defining things with reference to their meanings given in the dictionary, defining things with reference to context or defining them by giving different examples. These all techniques of defining terms modify the clear perception of the given term.

Guide Lines

Types of Trade

Since it’s the transfer of goods among persons for the exchange of money and this economic market is expanding day by day engaging the whole world in the business, there are many different types of trade By Activity and by Geo graphics.

Wholesale Trade

This is a bit of strategic business. Here trader of one country buys goods from one country and further modify and make changes in those items to sell them at better prices to other countries. Just like industrialized countries buys raw materials from developing countries and then convert them into refining product so that they may be sold at high prices to other industrial giants. For e.g. a Chinese trader purchases some raw material or spare parts from a Japanese trader and then assembles it i.e. convert it into finished and refined goods and then re-export to an American trader.

Internal Trade

This is also called home trade. Internal trade in conducted within a country just like local markets. It is done between different regions of the same country. This aims to promote the local market economy and enhance the factor of coordination and cooperation among the various cities of the same state.

External Trade

This is also called foreign trade. In this trade goodsand services are exchanged among the countries at the international level just asimport and export. There are many rules and regulations for internationaltrade that provides a safer pace for international businesses. in externaltrade all the countries are free to trade with any other country freely allover the world. This trade is done in three ways that are import, export andentrepot trade.


Wholesale is a kind of trade where commodities are purchasing in large quantities from the producer and then, in turn, they are sold to smaller traders or dealers.

In this case you will get the product at a low price as a whole as compared to retail prices. Wholesalers act as an intermediary link between producers and retailers.

Retail Trade

While in the case of retail trade, items or commodities are purchased in smaller quantities to consumers but here you will get a higher price for the same commodity as compared to wholesale price. There are different types of retailers; they may be small as well as large retailers.

For Example buying from Shop or Store for personal use instead of for resale.


When a country buys any goods or services from anothercountry for their own benefit, it is called an import. For example, when traders buy things from another country, which are not available in their own countryand sells them at better prices, it refers to the import of goods.





Similarly when a country sells its goods or services to a foreign country for the exchange of money is called an export. Here those products are traded out which are produced more than own consumption so they are exported to other countries for foreign exchange.




Importance of Trade

Countries that are open to trade and investment are more prosperous than countries that limit the freedom of people to decide how to spend and invest.

Since trade is an essential feature of every country because just as an individual cannot stay in isolation similarly a state also cannot be isolated from the rest of the world. And trade is a basic way to socialize with the global world especially when your own profits are concerned. Trade is an ultimate way of foreign exchange and jobs as well. This helps nations to grow and brings citizens in close contact with another world. Simply more you trade with the world, the more you strengthen the economy and social ties.

Conclusively we can say that;

v  Trade Supports more productive, higher-paying jobs in our export sectors

v  It expands the variety of products for purchase by consumers and business

v  It encourages investment and more rapid economic growth

v  Trade keeps our economy open, dynamic, and competitive

It helps ensure a better market in the world to do business.


What is Business

Word business simply refers to profit basis. It is a kind of organization that deals with commercialism, professionalism as well as industrial activities. It is an activity, where commodities and services are provided to the consumers for the ultimate purpose of gaining profit. It is a kind of economic giant in the race of this ego-economic world. It’s a way to make money and if you want to make money, you need to be a little aggressive and also a little defensive to keep that money.

Business is basically to make a start and then begin working for profit. These opportunities are like buses in today’s world, there’s always another one coming

Explain Types of Business

Business can be done with multiple kinds of Ways. Mainly there are 3 types which are as stated.

Sole Trade Types

Simplest and Easiest form of Business, Which can start overnight By One Person. In some case there is no need of Registration.

Partnership Business

When two or more than Two people start their own business to earn profit is called Partnership.

It May be registeret or not.

Company is separate legal Entity from Persons. Complex form of Business, owned by shared holders. Its need formation before to start.

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