7 Mobile Applications to Improve Your Credit Score

7 Mobile Applications to Improve Your Credit Score

If you think you can maintain a good credit score without any effort, you are mistaken; it requires serious focus and determination. Your credit score is considered for enrolling in a college, getting a job and many things alike and so you need to work hard to keep it looking good.

Timely payment of bills and less or no debt are some of the things among others that are important to keep your credit score positive. This requires personal efforts and probably a little external help, so here are some of the mobile phone applications which are programmed to assist you to improve your credit score:


This application is designed and made to work on Apple products like the iPhone, iPad and iTouch. myFICO asks 10 questions to correctly determine your credit score. It is a free application though for the same work FICO charges about $20. You can download this application for free and usually has a high percentage of accuracy. Some of the questions asked are: ‘How old is your loan?’, ‘When was the last payment missed?’ and ‘How many credit cards do you use?’ and others to assess your FICO score. And finally, a score is calculated for you to exlaim, “Here’s my FICO score, for free!”

Equifax Mobile:

This application has a dual benefit. It tells you how your credit score is and also safeguards your identity. Using your GPS location, it analysis the rate of credit fraud in your area. If the results are high, you should be probably using your cards cautiously. It also tells you how your credit score stands as compared to others in your locality. This application can be downloaded for free as well and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android users

Debt Reduction Calculate: By using this application, you can improve your credit score multifold. Since the credit score is directly proportional to the amount of debt; the lesser the better. This application helps to calculate how you can save money by just paying an extra than the minimum on credit cards and also gives you monetary tips to repay your debt as soon as possible. You will see a noticeable improvement in your credit score after using this application! You can download this application on your iPad, iTouch or even an iPhone!

Pageonce Personal Finance: This simple app has a great result on your credit score. If you are of the forgetful kind, this app is the best for you. With alerts and reminders, you cannot forget to pay your dues on time! It monitors your financial transactions and assists you with paying the bills on time. You can use this application on all Apple products as well as android phones.

BillTracker: Another application that will never fail to remind you about paying your bills. Since a good credit score is determined by how well you pay your dues on time, this app corrects any default in this process. From your insurance premium to mortgage bills, this app can track your payment history and manage your bills. You can get BillTracker on your iPhone, iTouch and iPad for an optimum charge.

Pay Off Debt: With this application, keeping a check on your debt becomes easy. This app sees to it that the debt does not pile after a certain limit. It helps you to pay your debt in an organized manner. Starting with the lowest valued debt, it motivates you to slowly make all your debt vanish!

Credit Score Mobile App: You will be able to receive timely reminders and tips on how to effectively improve your credit score over time. These expert tips help you manage as well as correct negative credit scores and give it a major boost! Download this application free of cost on your apple products now!