What Mobile Spy Software App is Best?

Mobile Spy Software App

Of course, there really isn’t any true best spy phone software application, you will have to find out which is right for both you and your needs. Currently, it is not easy to look beyond three competitors, Stealth Genie, Mobile Spy and Flexispy. They are offered by really good secure firms and naturally, they work.

They also provide the best functionality and features however they all have their own specific selling points. Most of these programs work in very similar ways but offer some distinctive advanced features and also their costs can vary quite a bit. Here is a look at a few things I see as their major selling points.

Flexispy Phone Software

Flexispy spy software is seen as the top of the range system on the market today. Flexispy also supports the biggest range of mobile phones and operating systems. One significant special feature stands out as the capacity to have live call listening where you could in fact listen in on a call – remotely.

The company is certainly reliable and it has been at the cutting edge of this technology for many years – trustworthy and efficient as opposed to just after your money. When it comes to highly technical software it’s essential to choose a business with good support and help systems in position and Flexispy can deliver here as well. The user experience is good together with clear guidelines and an easy to use interface even for a novice user.

Seems great yet as usual there are negative points to consider. Flexispy is easily the most expensive option and by a significant margin and they also only supply annual contracts. Their full-featured yearly product costs about $350. I think there are actually only a couple of reasons to go to that level of expense – such as when you need to have live call listening or the variety of cell phones you have is not supported by the other companies. For anybody who is the sort of individual who must have the absolute best you definitely won’t be disappointed.

Stealth Genie Spy Phone Software

This is the most recent spy phone software specialist out of my best three choices. They compete very well in terms of the main features and a straightforward setup. Where Stealth Genie can be a letdown is due to a small listing of supported mobile phones – they just include Blackberry and Android cell phones at this time. In addition with the firm being relatively new, they don’t yet have a proven track record so there’s a slightly increased risk with your investment.

Where I will be able to endorse Stealth Genie is for their unique mobile phone tracking features. They’ve got a few seriously ingenious monitoring and alert systems excellent for keeping track of your children and staff. These functions really are worth evaluating if you’re particularly focused on tracking capabilities.

As costs go StealthGenie is still around the expensive end at about $200 for the top-rated program though they also provide some less expensive options. This software competes with Flexispy when it comes to advanced features when your mobile phone is compatible and for considerably less money. Once they have more supported mobile phones on their list they will likely come to challenge the others since their program is incredibly ingenious.

Mobile Spy Cell phone Spy Software

If you are cost-conscious yet would like good quality spy phone software with a little less function then Mobile Spy is your next choice. Maybe not as full-featured as the other brands yet it will carry out the major functions of mobile phone monitoring and tracking well. They are definitely the longest standing software supplier in this industry.

Based in the States and have excellent support and post-sales service record. For most people they have got all the features you’ll need and give support for a substantial variety of phones along with the iPhone 4. A great selling point is the value of this software. Their leading 12-monthly program will cost you around $130 and you could start off at close to $50 for a three-month contract. For someone starting out with this type of spy product, I recommend trying Mobile Spy first.

Find the Spy Phone Software for Your Needs

Start with verifying your cell phone compatibility. Ask yourself what features and functions you really want within the spy program, not simply what may seem quite cool. When listening to calls is a must for you, then Flexispy will be the only option. When it comes to sophisticated tracking of the mobile phone with a few excellent reporting functions – StealthGenie does well.

For most other circumstances, in which good practical features are essential yet at a decent cost you should take a look at Mobile Spy phone software. Make sure to make use of spy phone software programs sensibly and be conscious of your legal responsibilities.