Communication Process

The communication process refers to the way messages are exchanged between people as well as how meanings and interpretations of those messages are made. It involves three stages: encoding, transmission and decoding. These three components work together to ensure that communication is clear and accurate.
An example would be during a telephone conversation: firstly someone has to encode their message into words, then send it in the form of sound through the telephone line to another person, who in turn decodes the words into meaning.

  • Encoding/Textual Analysis*– this is when a person takes the idea they want to express and breaks it down into the smallest possible units- called ‘bits’. They then assign each bit with a particular sound or phoneme.
  • Transmission- In communication theory, communication is seen as a process by which information is sent from a source to a receiver via a channel. Methods of transmitting information include speech, writing and gestures.
  • Decoding/Sensory Analysis*– the receiver then takes those sounds and rearranges them into words that can be understood by both parties. Decoding is about creative interpretation as it requires the synthesis of the message sent and the context in which it was received to make sense.

The communication process is an integral part of communication as it ensures that communication is accurate and effective. Without the communication process, communication would be unsuccessful due to a lack of understanding between parties. Poor communication can lead to misunderstandings which can cause conflict. It paly a vital Role in Business Management.

An example of where misunderstandings could occur would be in a chat group on Facebook, where the communication process may not be used. The communication process can also be described as a ‘choice making’ process because, in order to convey messages successfully, the sender must make choices about what to say and how they should say it.

The process is still evolving and isn’t always consistent so it can be affected by external factors such as body language, the context in which communication occurs and relationships. If autistic people are able to better understand the communication process they may find it easier to make friends. All types of Companies should have strong communication skills.

Successful Business management always focuses on it that how they are delivering from top to bottom and bottom to top.

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