Define Forensic Accountant and its Types with Salary

Define Forensic Accountant

Forensic experts can help anyone who has criminal cases. They help in the investigation and determining who the real culprit is behind a crime through blood samples and fingerprint matching. They also use DNA testing and another form of high technology to solve any crime.

How do you find the right forensic expert?

There are many forensic experts that you can find today and this will give you a daunting task of finding which of the many is really capable and an expert in unravelling mysteries. Here are some things that you should be aware of.

Certified by the American Board of Pathologists

Any person can state that they are a member of the American Board of Pathologists and that they are an expert in this field. But, are they really capable? The American Board of Pathology is the only organization that gives examinations and certifications to become a pathologist or a forensic science expert. One should also have the following.

  • With a degree of M.D. Or D.O from (ACGME) or American College of Graduate Medical Education.
  • Licensed and practise allopathic or osteopathic medicine.
  • 3 years of training at an accredited pathology residency program of ACGME.
  • Passed the examination for Forensic Pathology and Anatomic Pathology.

Where Was the Pathology Educated?

Most of us will be impressed of the pages of the resume or curriculum vitae that an applicant or prospect pathologist will show us. Do not be amazed at how thick it is but be concerned with the content of the resume. Make sure that the institution where the pathologist graduated is reputable, credible and known and recognized.

Are they recommended?

Word of mouth will surely be helpful in finding the right one. Ask lawyers in your area they will surely recommend a well known and reputable pathologist. Lawyers have worked with many pathologists and they know who to trust and who to ignore. You can also search for one over the Internet through some recommendations it would be best that you check their credibility through an online pathology listing as well.

The area of expertise

You should know that there is a pathologist who masters the art of people who have been murdered or killed in a car accident or drowning and other causes. You should know which one is the expertise of the case that you want to solve.

Do they have court approval?

Have they ever been in court and have witnessed in a case like yours? Did the court acknowledge their evidence?

The experiences

The more experiences a pathology have the better and more efficient he will become in seeking evidence and providing justice to his clients.

In search of cyber forensic Mumbai is a challenging task. That is why you need to do your research and probe to find the best one. The Internet will be the best place for you to start searching for the right one. You should also not neglect the power of word of mouth advertising. With the right checklist, you will surely find the best pathologist to handle your case.